09 April 2016

Eye health, sunlight and computer screens

Gizmodo (see below) has posted the article which links to research coming out of Australian's university QUT (Queensland University of Technology. They're finding that greater exposure to sunlight (at least an hour) prevents a heightened risk factor for myopia, and progression in those already with it.

Of course, too much sun has it's dangers, but I think the benefits exposure to sunlight has are becoming severely under appreciated. The benefits range from assisting with sleep cycles to being the absolute best source of Vitamin D which is crucial for building strong bones, stabilising sufficient energy levels, mood and perhaps ironically, healthy skin and cancer prevention.

Inspiration http://www.gizmodo.com.au/2016/04/australian-scientists-discover-lack-of-sunlight-not-computer-screens-causes-eyesight-problems/

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