21 November 2014

My Success Story by Fat2FitFred

+Fred Lechuga aka +Fat2FitFred 

A little while ago +Fred Lechuga aka "Fat2FitFred" who I met on Google+ interviewed me as part of a series of "Success Stories" he's running on his website. In a nutshell, in 2007 I weighed over 270 lbs but since then I have been below 190. The full interview goes into the nitty gritty of my fitness journey, but below is perhaps the most poignant of my health philosophies.

My inspiration shelf: Marathon finishers medal,  the before and after of my weightloss journey,  the front page story of the local newspaper and the "Gutless Wonders"  feature in Men's Health Magazine
How have you fit running into your life?  How do you balance it with other priorities?
I really just try to keep it flexible. I run when I really have the urge and that's about it. Since the marathon I haven't kept up with training plans or routines. Despite the incredible amount of holidays I get as a teacher, when school is on free time is a bit scarce, which means I don't have a very regular schedule.
My wife and I are also one year into our first home, which is a tiny 70 year old cottage we're renovating and expanding. And as I said, we're a newly married couple so there's a lot of work involved in sorting out and establishing the type of home and family we want to raise, and the foundation of marriage we want to build.
So, this means I generally just run when I feel like it. This usually means early morning or night runs. I live in a pretty hot climate so doing anything in the sun for a prolonged period of time is pretty treacherous. And due to the aforementioned time constraints, flexibility is key. Sometime I go out for a 15 minutes in a moment where I'm a bit antsy and feel like putting excess energy to good use.
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Thanks to +Fred Lechuga for the excellent interview opportunity and all the great fitness content and conversations. For muchmore informative, motivational and educational journeys through fitness and health head over Fat2FitFred.com